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We Love to Help


We are so grateful to the Moe-Life Foundation and Elan Shukartsi for your longstanding love and support! Since our introduction, you have been among our strongest partners, enabling us to improve our original playground for our younger students and build a brand-new playground for our older students. In addition Elan Shukartsi and The Moe Life Foundation provided specific Ipads for the vision impaired and therapeutic equipment for our  students.

Thank you again for helping us light the way!

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Moe Life Foundation and the Children First Early Head Start program at Venice Family Clinic for their support when other agencies could not provide us with a speech therapist before my daughter turned three years old. Thanks to our therapist, my daughter and I can now communicate. "

"The Moe Life Foundation has provided incredible support to Create Now since 2012 when they funded our Music Recording and Editing Studio. This has provided wonderful opportunities for hundreds of the neediest kids in our community. Foster and homeless youth now have the chance to produce and record their original music, and to learn how to break into the music industry. In addition, poverty-stricken children from the Watts housing projects along with low-income kids who live in our DTLA neighborhood love the chance to sing karaoke in the studio. Disadvantaged students at Title 1 and charter schools who take our guitar, singing and keyboard classes get to visit our studio for their culmination event. It’s very exciting for them to be in a professional recording studio and to take home CDs with their music as a lasting souvenir."

"Elan Shukartsi also helped Create Now to launch a new Culinary Arts program last year, which was a big success. An average foster youth has 5-10 placements before they “age out” of the system when they turn 18. Without family support or basic life skills, many of these kids who are 18-24 years old (5,777 in L.A.) find themselves homeless and dealing with major challenges. Thanks to the support of Elan Shukartsi, eight of them learned all kinds of cooking techniques that will help them to find jobs and develop careers in this field. We’re excited to launch two more Culinary Arts programs this year through the support of this amazing foundation. We’re very grateful to the Moe Life Foundation and Elan Shukartsi for their support."

"What a blessing it has been to have Elan Shukartsi as a sponsoring partner of A Walk On Water. From the very beginning, Elan demonstrated his donation would be much greater than just his financial commitment. He showed up day after day in emails and calls, and his desire to be a hands on philanthropist is not often seen. He provided great feedback and even helped develop some new programming ideas that our participants just loved.

"Elan's financial commitment allowed more than 75 children with special needs and their siblings--along with countless family members--to enjoy an entire relaxing day at the beach, filled with Surf Therapy, art, music, healthy food and drink, replete with emotional connections made and reinforced."

"We are so grateful to Elan and his Uncle Les Joseph for their contributions to AWOW, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come, forever changing the lives of hundreds of kids in need."


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